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Online content

There is a lot online about the advantages of using online articles and useful web writing rather than sneaky tactics to appeal to customers and Google. Here are some examples:
White hat versus black hat SEO.

Roy Morgan Research’s Roy Morgan Research’s values segments are a good example of how psychographics can identify your customers’ needs and wants.

Here are other ways of thinking about psychographics:
What are psychographics?

Job applications

What is your turnaround time?

Cath completes most job applications in two or three days. Applications with more than five selection criteria, such as government job applications, usually take longer. The more time you can give her, the better the result!

Unfortunately Cath cannot complete a job application the night before it is due. However she can do a quick edit before you submit your application.

What changes will you make to my resume and cover letter?

Cath will rewrite your cover letter so it is targeted to a particular job or job type. She also rewrites paragraphs to highlight your strengths and show how your personality and skillset is suited to the role.

Rather than use a fancy template, Cath will transform your resume into a simple, clear and business-like format. This makes it easier for recruiting managers to find the information they are looking for.

Cath may re-organise job duties, rewrite your career overview and delete material that you both agree is not relevant. After discussing it with you, she may also add in new material that illustrates the range and complexity of your skills.

Do we need to meet in person?

Cath has tried this in the past and it usually makes the process longer! Communicating via phone and email seems to work best. Cath can also chat on Skype.

Email is the most efficient way to transfer files. Occasionally clients have only a handwritten resume. These clients scanned and emailed the documents and Cath then transcribed them onto her resume template.

Who do you help?

Cath has assisted recent graduates through to highly experienced managers with their job applications. She is particularly good at highlighting personal strengths and showing how they make the candidate a good fit. Cath can turn potential negative points into positives and convey a candidate’s passion and focus.

Cath has also helped people who have worked overseas tailor their job applications to the Australian market – with great success.

How much do you charge?

Just as every person is different, every job application is different. Once Cath is clear about your needs, she will provide you with a firm quote via email. She will await your approval before starting work.

How do I pay you?

If you are happy with Cath’s quote, she will forward an invoice for payment. She requests payment prior to sending through final files.

Cath accepts payment via bank transfer to her bank account. You can also deposit the payment in person, if you are near a Bendigo Bank branch. Payment information is included in the invoice.

When do I get to see my new resume and cover letter?

Cath will forward drafts of your new documents in .PDF format to your email address. Once you have paid Cath’s fee, she supplies MS Word (editable) files via email.

Can you guarantee I’ll get an interview/job?

Unfortunately, no! Cath will work with you to ensure you have the best quality resume, cover letter and selection criteria responses possible. There will also be external factors, such as the suitability of other candidates, which are outside her control.

Many of her clients have been invited in for interviews as a result of Cath’s work. Some have gained employment. A couple of Cath’s clients have used their new job offer as leverage to re-negotiate their current role.

Even when they miss out on a job, many of Cath’s clients modify their new resumes and cover letters for other job applications, later leading to a job offer.

Cath’s background

Cath has been writing for more years than she cares to remember! Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Melbourne, where she studied Swedish and Linguistics, and a Graduate Diploma in Public Relations from Deakin University. She maintained an academic average of over 80% in both courses.

Prior to study, Cath worked in book publishing. This experience honed her eye for detail and obsession with getting the best possible outcome.

During her Grad Dip, Cath researched personal branding. She uses this knowledge to help her clients put their best foot forward in applying for jobs. She also studied units in children’s literature and publishing and uses this knowledge in her editing practice.

Cath also runs a popular blog for creative writers. Click here to check it out.


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